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D&AD; 2008

A D&AD brief by Crisis charity. They needed an unconventional mailer to motivate people to donate to the charity. My solution was a faux blanket catalog, that turned out to be just a newspaper a person has been subscribed to.







Self-promotional mailer

A school brief from 2008. I had to design a mailer for potential employers. It contained a plastic business card with a flash drive attached, which contained some of my works, a badge and a poster with my CV on the back. Here’s also my another business card from that time.









Cuts From Above

My fellow hairdresser Peter needed a business card, so I created a name and a logo for him as long as the cards. He is a very tall guy, so “Cuts from above” name really suits him. All cards are hand screen-printed, hand cut and hand perforated. The back side has fields for a customer’s name, time of appointment, cut and telephone. The card breaks in 2 pieces, one with Peter’s phone number goes to the customer, the second one is kept by Peter as a kind of Rolodex card.












Lunatic scale

Design for an alternative band from Moscow called Lunatic Scale. It is a limited edition package numbered to 250 copies that features an A2 fold out glow-in-the-dark poster, pin badges and stickers.

The album is called “What If…” and I tried to play with the idea of questioning the universe and our existence. What if our planet Earth is just a soap bubble and our life is as short as the bubbles life before it bursts.