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Cuts From Above

My fellow hairdresser Peter needed a business card, so I created a name and a logo for him as long as the cards. He is a very tall guy, so “Cuts from above” name really suits him. All cards are hand screen-printed, hand cut and hand perforated. The back side has fields for a customer’s name, time of appointment, cut and telephone. The card breaks in 2 pieces, one with Peter’s phone number goes to the customer, the second one is kept by Peter as a kind of Rolodex card.












Lunatic scale

Design for an alternative band from Moscow called Lunatic Scale. It is a limited edition package numbered to 250 copies that features an A2 fold out glow-in-the-dark poster, pin badges and stickers.

The album is called “What If…” and I tried to play with the idea of questioning the universe and our existence. What if our planet Earth is just a soap bubble and our life is as short as the bubbles life before it bursts.

Wellcome Collection

This is my final major project from the university. We were given an opportunity to create promotional materials for an upcoming exhibition at Wellcome collection. We could amend corporate guidelines and be a bit more creative and experimental. I came up with the logo and a pattern that is supposed to be the main vehicle of the whole identity and can be applied to lots of different things.


Lion Is The Sun

Lion Is The Sun is the best agency in Moscow when it comes to contemporary music. It has organized show for many artists including Doom, Fucked Up, Japandroids, Themselves, No Age and many many more. In a city, where most of the young people go to venues just to have fun, we wanted to make a statement, that music matters, that gigs and shows are for people to communicate not only with each other, but with the musicians.

Besides stationary, I also designed badges, stickers, t-shirts and tote bags for people to support the #1 independent promo agency and to show that they share the same values as the promoters.