Steps on How to Become a Writer

Do you need to write an essay for Cal States? Before you sit down to write a single word, there are different writing aspects you need to consider. For instance, if you are writing an argumentative essay, there are various aspects you need to consider. First, start by asking yourself, how do you write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay? Continue asking yourself, how do you write a conclusion paragraph for an essay? All these are some of the questions that should prepare you for your work. Here are the steps you need to consider.

  • Start Today

If you want to start writing any piece of work, ensure that you start today. However, how do you write an outline for an essay? How do you write a conclusion paragraph for an article? Also, how do you write an introduction for an essay? These questions should help you to explore and know the vital elements that you need to include in your work.

  • Explore

Even if you are writing a law essay, you need to explore. Most of the English written articles require enough data. It is advisable to explore and even know the writing format that you will use. Ideally, an MBA is a common course that is pursued by many people. However, if you have been asked to sit for an SAT, ensure that you write according to the instructions given.

  • Know Yourself

If you want any form of work, ensure that you know the accurate analysis you need to explore. On the other hand, you need to know yourself. For instance, if you are writing on, why should we help the homeless? Make sure that you do not use persuasive terms in your work. Also, explore and know the narrative that will suit this kind of topic.

  • Create a Writing Plan

The next step here is to create a writing plan. Suppose you want to write an article on art. Start by understanding art history. In other words, if you are writing about drama, economics, finance, history, Crucible, Berlin wall, geography, media, political science, sociology, and rhetorical analysis, ensure that you research to enable you to come up with perfect writing plans.

  • Don’t Give Up

It would help if you never gave up when it comes to writing. If you are writing about English literature, make sure that you know the basics you need to use when writing. As a writer, you need to know the analytical skills that you should employ in your work. Also, you can join in different academic organizations such as NJHS that can help you to work on different chapters in school.

  • Believe in Yourself

When it comes to writing, make sure that you believe in yourself. It has been discovered that most students use ACCUPLACER when making accurate course placement decisions. Ensure that you believe in yourself and do these placement tests to assess your proficiency in writing.

  • Read

When I am in my room, I read different types of books to enhance my writing skills. Some of the best novels and books to read are such as King Lear, Jekyll and Hyde, Into the Wild, Fahrenheit 451, as well as The Lady of Shalott. Also, you can read Beowulf poem to understand various expository words that you can use in your writing.

  • Invest in Training

If you want to become a professional writer, make sure that you invest in training. For instance, media studies involve the use of thematic terms, and students need to practice how to use them in their writing. Also, they should know how to conduct rhetorical scrutiny on literary work to understand how to phrase words, films, and texts that people use to communicate.

  • Schedule Your Writing Time

You can become one of the freedom writers by scheduling your writing time. Also, as a student, you can join the national junior honor society, an international organization that can help you with some chapters you are writing about. You can consider writing your reflective essays to analyze Twilight. In doing this, you will attain your PGCE effortlessly.


Writing is a daunting task that needs thorough exploration. Fortunately, by going through the above steps, it will be easier to prepare yourself and know how to write. Consider searching for the best review sites if you want a professional writer to handle your work.